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Salesforce Managed Services

Continue to modernize and innovate with ongoing Salesforce support and services.

Access the right expertise when you need it.

Our Salesforce Managed Services are uniquely structured to provide the right skills for the right products at the right time. That’s why we’ve organized our Managed Services offering to provide the ultimate flexibility and starting point that fits your situation. Whether you want to fully outsource management of your Salesforce environment, tap our experts to fill in gaps with specialized skills or access guidance to augment and support internal efforts—we’re here to meet your needs with a cost-effective solution. Achieve your goals with a blended team of Salesforce experts and resources to help you optimize and accelerate your Salesforce ecosystem, while freeing your team to focus on other high-priority projects.

Why Partner with Navisite?

Senior Salesforce Experts

Get on-demand access to a full-service team of experts with the specialized skills required to meet your changing needs and manage your entire Salesforce ecosystem.

Simplified Governance

With clearly defined roles, governance is simplified and sets you up for success with best practices that empower your team.

Flexible Management

Benefit from a core team blended by skill need at a fractional FTE level—get the right experts as needed to boost velocity and minimize costs.

Global Remote Service

You have the ability to engage our global resource teams, who provide the same expertise in a cost-effective structure.

Navisite’s Salesforce Managed Services

On-demand access to a high-performance team of experts with a combination of skills to manage your Salesforce ecosystem, including system administration, project management, business analysts and development and architecture experts
Fractional, flat-rate subscription resource model that adjusts the team makeup as skills needs change
Top-tier, high-touch services across the entire Salesforce ecosystem to meet your needs over the lifecycle of your implementation
Flexible engagement model that minimizes the cost to your company

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