Strategy and Planning

Develop an IT transformation roadmap poised for success with our discovery, assessment, planning and cost projection services.

Establish the right path forward for your cloud journey.

Strategy and planning are critical components of any successful digital transformation initiative. Prior to embarking on your cloud journey, it’s important to build an IT roadmap and execution strategy based on your existing IT estate, your project goals and objectives, and total cost of ownership considerations. With Navisite’s Strategy and Planning Services, we’ll guide you through four key phases of the process—discovery, assessment, planning and cost projections—so you can reduce project risk and achieve better results.

Why Partner with Navisite

Deep Expertise

Benefit from a team of highly specialized experts with decades of experience helping customers successfully embrace IT change and move their businesses forward.

Reduced Risk

Ensure a successful migration to the cloud with our methodical and proven approach to roadmap development.

Performance Assurance

Gain peace of mind that workloads will work as intended and meet performance criteria prior to starting your migration.

True Partnership

As a platform-agnostic IT services partner, we’re fully invested in your success.

Navisite’s Strategy and Planning Services Include

Cloud assessments by a team of dedicated cloud specialists who evaluate your project objectives and challenges, as well as your cloud needs and readiness
Oracle total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis detailing costs to run workloads in the public cloud, how enterprise product licenses will be affected, what the cloud environment will look like, and opportunities to refactor or rearchitect
Proof of Concepts (PoCs) to ensure projects meet your criteria for success prior to execution
Cloud cost model and return on investment (ROI) analysis, including a TCO report providing the full cost of your digital transformation project as well as ongoing operations fees
Disaster recovery planning, including architecture recommendations for your specific workloads
A phased roadmap that provides an actionable timeline outlining project stages, dependencies and priorities

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