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Managed Virtual Desktops

Enable a highly scalable, remote workforce with managed virtual desktop services to run your desktops and applications in the cloud.

Take your virtual desktop experience to new levels.

With Navisite’s Managed Virtual Desktop Service, you can harness the power of desktop virtualization to provision, scale and manage remote workers without compromising security, compliance or performance. Give your employees access to virtual desktops from home or while traveling, on any device connected to the internet, with tailored services that are designed, optimized, deployed and managed by our team of experts. We offer three Managed Virtual Desktop Service options that let you run your desktops and applications in the following cloud environments: Amazon WorkSpaces, Windows Virtual Desktop on Microsoft Azure, Citrix Virtual Desktops and Hosted Private Desktops with VMware Horizon.

Why Partner with Navisite?

Flexible Service Options

Choose the service that best fits your needs—from simple application virtualization to a full desktop-in-the-cloud experience.

Industry-Leading Security

Benefit from superior control, improved security and performance to protect the integrity of your data.

Support for Your Team

Simplified endpoint management frees your IT staff from mundane desktop-related activities.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Leverage the latest desktop virtualization technology and virtual desktop solutions from leading cloud providers to increase efficiency and integrate with your business.

Navisite’s Managed Virtual Desktop Service Includes

Connections to virtually any web-enabled device
Choice of desktop virtualization solutions from Amazon, Microsoft, VMware and Citrix along with options for graphics utilizing NVIDIA GPU
Integration with technologies such as Active Directory, multifactor authentication and common desktop applications, as needed
Uniform security policy enforcement across end-user devices, with data stored in enterprise-grade data centers
Flexibility for customers to manage their own desktops, or have Navisite-managed desktops in addition to desktop infrastructure
Integration with Windows 10, which complements managed virtual desktopswith built-in security controls
Complete desktop experience with Office 365, file shares and other complementary services
Desktop provisioning without having to purchase hardware or take on training requirements

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