Database Management Services

Database technologies are an essential component of today’s IT infrastructure environments, especially commonly-used applications like SQL and Oracle. They are not only critical in their own right, as it is to ensure they are secure, optimized and running correctly, but they are also essential for the applications that depend upon them to perform their own respective crucial functions.

Today’s databases often store large amounts of sensitive data, such as client information and critical business operational data. Unfortunately, many companies find it difficult to stay current on database updates, patches and security protections using in-house resources alone, and consequently cannot defend their database infrastructures against increasingly sophisticated attacks.

When an organization falls behind on Microsoft SQL Server database maintenance, a number of detrimental scenarios can occur. Databases may undergo unauthorized changes by unapproved users. Database backups can be stolen. Viruses can even inflict damage on business-critical database servers.

Maintaining Oracle ERP systems requires regular patching and updating. While such maintenance helps ensure that compliance standards are upheld and users are provisioned with the latest capabilities, it can also consume IT budgets and departments. Stretched-thin, IT teams risk becoming full-time ERP system caretakers, sacrificing the ability to leverage the capabilities of the systems they support. Inefficiencies then develop, and the longer the time that passes between upgrades, the more downtime will occur, as Oracle has to be taken down for each sequential update to be applied.

Flexible Service Levels

Database support requirements generally differ between businesses. Based on your intended use and objectives, Navisite can help you determine the level of support best suited for your organization. Navisite offers three SQL Server database support levels:

  • Simple - For clients who require basic monitoring and management for nonproduction instances, with no database refresh requirements. Includes one, weekly maintenance window.
  • Standalone - For clients seeking full database management services for single node production or nonproduction instances.
  • Clustered - For enterprises seeking a complete solution for full database management of clustered production or nonproduction instances. Additional nodes can also be supported.

Managing Your Databases for Uptime and Security

Navisite will manage your enterprise databases to ensure your IT team can be more able to focus on projects that help drive greater success, with an eye on optimizing stability, uptime and security of your database environments.

For SQL Server databases we’ll make sure they’re properly monitored and maintained, so that the applications running off those databases run smoothly, and your SQL implementations aren’t subjected to any of the numerous vulnerabilities they’re prone to, and that can lead to a range of security concerns from lack of fixes and updates, like:

  • Computer virus attacks
  • Common TCP/IP port hacks
  • Undetected intrusions
  • Stolen database backups

As an Oracle Platinum Partner, Navisite's can host and manage your Oracle implementation, in a multi-tenant approach on our VMware Cloud, situated in one of our enterprise-grade data centers – enabling your organization to achieve significant cost savings over traditional Oracle ERP hosting. We work to make sure you achieve:

  • Improved business flexibility and agility
  • Decreasing system total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Mitigate system downtime
  • Reduced CapEx
  • Free up local IT resources

End-to-End Management

No matter the database, Navisite handles all of the maintenance, including patching, installing service packs and upgrading implementations. Navisite can also execute client-specific business process customizations—even in a production environment. To support enterprise-class service levels, Navisite manages all elements of the Service Delivery Infrastructure, including networks, databases, servers, operating systems and interfaces to complementary apps.

Time-Tested Guarantees

With more than two decades of database management expertise, Navisite has proven its ability to lead clients successfully from initial on-boarding through to implementation and beyond. Navisite offers guaranteed service levels addressing continuous application availability, performance and response and resolution. For enhanced peace-of-mind, Navisite employs a compliance-driven approach built upon:

  • Thorough change-management and production control
  • Stringent security standards
  • Third-party audits and client transparency
  • Documented policies and contractual guarantees
  • Full lifecycle management

Custom Database Management Projects

During the course of business, database management tasks sometimes arise that are beyond the scope of the solutions outlined above. Navisite can work with you to develop custom project plans, detailing the terms for completing tasks that would otherwise fall outside of your service level. A la carte database management services we regularly provide include disaster recovery assistance, database upgrade completion, SQL server tuning and audit and compliance reporting.

Interested in offloading the management of your databases? Reach out to us today, or call us at (888) 298-8222 for further information.