Disaster Recovery Management - DRaaS

Navisite employs best-of-breed tools combined with our 20+ years of expertise in developing disaster recovery strategies for clients, to ensure that organizations have the means of protecting their critical data, applications and infrasturcture environments, through meticulous plans crafted for their unique business needs that maximizes the opportunity to minimize downtime events. Because traditional backup strategies don’t cut it in today’s rapidly changing IT world.

DRaaS versus Traditional Dedicated Site

  • Lower TCO: Pay-per-use model, only pay for consumed storage
  • Reduce CapEx: No capital investment required for hardware or facilities
  • Faster Time-to-Value: Service is setup quickly, so you are protected
  • Minimize Risk: RPOs and RTOs measured in minutes rather than hours
  • Enable Compliance: Aiding clients in meeting SOX, HIPAA and GDPR requirements for data resiliency and compliance
  • Deliver Greater Value: Focus staff on DR planning and business continuity objectives rather than infrastructure management

Navisite offers a full range of DRaaS options, to facilitate paths for organizations that may have the knowledge to implement their DR strategy, but need the means, on up through options to fully support organizations without the knowledge or resources to successfully implement their DR plan, or who may have IT bandwidth constraints that prevent adequate DR coverage.

Navisite Self-Service DRaaS

  • Provide you the replication tools and target infrastructure to conduct your replication to
  • Support for the use of tools and underlying platform
  • Ideal for clients with existing DR plans and replication expertise

Navisite Assisted DRaaS

  • In addition to Self-Service, provide help with configuring tools to meet business goals
  • Assistance with runbook creation and execution of first recovery test
  • Good for those who need help getting started quickly

Navisite Fully-Managed DRaaS

  • Provide the platform, tools, documentation, and process management in support of business goals
  • Provide SLA around RPOs and perform regular testing of the DR plan
  • Good for those with no resources or expertise in recovery, or for overworked IT teams needing to offload responsibilities to seasoned experts

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