Healthcare Data Security and Accessibility

As of August 2014, healthcare data breaches had impacted 30 million patients. In many instances, data was taken from stolen or lost laptops*. This highlights two undeniable truths about healthcare data: it's valuable and thieves want it.

Since federal healthcare data breach reporting requirements went into effect in the U.S., the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has tracked more than 900 incidents of compromised personal healthcare information, each impacting 500 people or more. A plurality of these incidents was tied to theft, followed by data loss, hacking, and then unauthorized account access, according to a Washington Post analysis of HHS data*.

Getting to the Root of the Problem

In a traditional desktop environment, critical data is distributed on local hard drives, making it difficult to monitor activity and to regulate access. Examples include mobile nursing stations, unsecured reception terminals and doctors with laptops containing patient data. Many times, organizations are unsure of how to, or unable to, institute new procedures to help prevent future vulnerabilities.

To address these challenges, many healthcare facilities—hospitals, physician practices, care groups – leverage Navisite’s Desktop-as-a-Service solution, NaviCloud® DaaS, to enable anywhere, anytime access to critical applications and patient files, as well as for collaboration and analysis. The cloud-based virtualized infrastructure native to NaviCloud DaaS ensures patient data and critical applications remain within secure Navisite data center facilities.

A Familiar Virtualized Desktop Experience

With NaviCloud DaaS, healthcare organizations can access a familiar Windows desktop experience. Additionally, because of the device-agnostic nature of NaviCloud DaaS, doctors and staff can access essential resources on the go from virtually any web-enabled device, including most laptops desktops, smartphones and tablets. NaviCloud DaaS also provides:

  • Management by Navisite experts 
  • Built-in support for scalability 
  • Pay-as-you-use pricing
  • 24x7 client support

Flexibility to Meet Unique Needs

Smaller subsets of healthcare organizations can leverage NaviCloud DaaS with accelerated graphics for cloud-based access to high-resolution imagery and enhanced compute resources beyond those of traditional NaviCloud DaaS services. This extends virtualization capabilities to previously inaccessible groups performing advanced imagery analysis and diagnosis.


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*Data published in The Washington Post, “Health care data breaches have hit 30M patients and counting,” by Jason Millman, 8/19/14:


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