Managed Storage

Storage is one of the most critical aspects of being able to run your IT environment, and it probably comes as no surprise that managing your data storage is a labor-intensive and hardware-intensive process. You must decide on the right technology and also size it correctly, in order to deliver the right levels of capacity, performance and data protection to meet your needs.

With Navisite’s Managed Storage Services no matter what your application requires, we have a solution that fits your budget, capacity and performance needs. That way, you get the right storage that fits your needs for today, and is flexible to scale with you as you grow.

You need a partner you can rely on as your storage needs evolve, be they traditional infrastructure, or cloud-based. We offer highly available, scalable and customizable managed solutions for your broad storage needs.

We optimize the protection of your data, applications and operating systems, irrespective of size or complexity of your ecosystem. Plus we provide industry-leading, financially-backed 24x7 expert support of your storage environment, so it stays stable and available, day in, day out.

Benefits of Managed Storage:

  • Fully-managed: Uptime, security, power and redundancy requirements, coupled with high performance and availability
  • Free Up Resources - Devote less IT resources to routine maintenance and troubleshooting, so you can put them to work driving business success
  • Flexibility - Navisite offers customized solutions tailored to your unique business needs and goals
  • Scalability - Use resources as you need them, and seamlessly react to unexpected traffic and/or seasonal spikes
  • Security and Compliance - We encrypt, secure and monitor your data at all times, so it’s protected and meets the requirements you need it to

Let us help you craft a strategy to meet your storage needs. Contact us or call us at (888) 298-8222 for more details.