Moving Legacy Apps to the Cloud

While many organizations realize the benefits of migrating legacy applications to the Cloud, the perceived hurdles can be stalling. The complexity of computing architectures, alongside residual concerns about security, stability and performance, can leave enterprises wondering if a complete cloud migration is feasible.

Companies may feel trapped by legacy app requirements. Certain apps may even have been architected by employees that are no longer with the company, making their true requirements unknown. Alternatively, custom toolsets may have been developed in-house to meet unique requirements that are not addressable by off-the-shelf software.

Easing the Transition with NaviCloud® Cloud Services

Navisite can help provide a secure extension into the Cloud through NaviCloud® Cloud Services. NaviCloud Cloud Services provide an enterprise-class Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform, including virtualized servers, storage, memory and bandwidth, in support of: 

  • Increased spending predictability
  • Augmented business agility 
  • Enhanced operational and cost efficiency
  • Tailored solutions for complex environments
  • Guaranteed service levels

A Simple, Granular Construct

A cloud migration can impact multiple groups, which may not be ready to absorb the time or cost associated with a complete shift of all workloads. Due to the granular construct of NaviCloud Cloud Services, organizations can migrate apps to the Cloud one at a time. 

Based on consumption and geography, NaviCloud clients may elect to have one or more Virtual Data Centers (vDCs). Each vDC may then contain one or more Virtual Applications (vApps). Lastly, each vApp contains the Virtual Machines (VMs) and networks necessary to power the application. 

Compatibility Built-In

NaviCloud Cloud Services were designed with a focus on compatibility. The platform supports the use of client’s existing IP addresses. Moreover, by interfacing with NaviCloud, via vCloud Connector or the standard API, clients can also generally continue using their existing toolsets. 

Aligning Value with Versatility

The NaviCloud platform supports simple workload replication and migration. This enables enterprises to free up space in private clouds by migrating individual VMs to Navisite’s public cloud. Users can also copy production workloads to the Cloud for development and testing. Finally, NaviCloud Cloud Services are billed hourly, to better align budget with functionality.


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