Azure Cloud Optimization

Azure is an excellent cloud to migrate one’s organization’s infrastructure and applications to, but getting there is only part of the way to achieve greater IT agility and reduce IT spend. Making sure that you’re using your Azure cloud optimally is just as critical, so you don’t overspend on resources you don’t need.

Why Azure optimization services?

You have migrated to the cloud, now what?


of organizations (through 2020) will initially overshoot their cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) budgets, due to a lack of cloud cost optimization governance or misguided upfront cloud spend commitments


of organizations (through 2020) that perform "lift and shift" to cloud IaaS without proper cost optimization governance will be overprovisioned by as much as 55% and will over spend by 70% during the first 18 months.


Reduce Azure Spend – Target at least a 2X reduction in Azure spend vs. optimization project costs

Faster Time-to-Value – Enhance IT agility through optimized use of cloud and automation

Lower Risk – Understand Azure security concepts and leverage them

Enable Compliance – Aiding clients in meeting SOX, HIPAA and GDPR requirements for data resiliency and compliance

Deliver Greater Value – Put in place governance and managed controls to support cloud growth

Azure Optimization

Comprehensive review of your Azure deployment

As an Azure Expert MSP, Navisite’s 120+ Azure engineers assess and optimize your Azure deployment, to make sure your Azure cloud is properly configured for four key areas:

  • Governance and Management – so your infrastructure runs efficiently and is automated for accelerated service delivery
  • Azure Cloud Architecture – designed on best practices and to scale, for your business objectives
  • Security and Risk – run any app with confidence, reduce incidents and achieve higher compliance
  • Cost Optimization – avoid runaway costs for better ROI on your cloud investment, while optimizing resources

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