VMware to Azure Migration

VMware to Microsoft Azure Done Right

Migration. Management. Easy.

If your organization currently uses VMs, moving your infrastructure to the cloud is likely on the horizon. Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure offers the ideal migration path, for a number of reasons.

But migrating from VMware to Azure first requires that you make several key decisions. Do you lift and shift your existing Linux or Windows VMs to the cloud (something you can’t do with Amazon Web Services)? Or do you take a hybrid approach, supplementing your existing VMware environments with Azure services for backup, disaster recovery and security? What’s the right approach for you?

Navisite Can Help

With Navisite, you get a full range of Managed Azure services and expertise for VMware environments. We’re an Azure Expert MSP and we’ve managed tens of thousands of Windows and Linux VMs, and understand the decisions that go into choosing the right VMware-to-Azure path. We’ll help you simplify your choices while maximizing your savings.

Deep Dive

Our experts start by carefully reviewing your business and technology goals, and thoroughly assessing your VMware vSphere environments to pinpoint application interdependencies. We’ll also determine which workloads stand to benefit from tiered storage options, develop and test workloads to see how best to streamline them, and map out an optimal migration plan that accelerates your move to Azure with minimal disruption.

Capture the Cost Savings

We also know how to maximize your cost savings. Leveraging tools like Azure Reserved VM Instances and Azure Hybrid Benefit (for Windows Server Workloads), we’ve saved organizations as much as 67% over other comparable implementations.*

Keep It Simple

To ease your Azure migration, we offer an option that enables you to transition to the cloud without having to make any changes to your current VMware environment. This allows you to run workloads and applications wherever you want.

We Manage, You Maximize

Our VMware-to-Azure experts are available to manage your Azure environment with as much capacity as you need us to, so you can focus your time and resources where they’re needed more. We’ll make sure your Azure infrastructure is updated, optimized, secure, and running the way it should be.

See More, Know More

We provide complete visibility of your Azure cloud infrastructure through our Proximity portal, including usage analytics, allowing you to see how it’s performing and scale up or down to better meet your changing needs.

Here for You

Once the migration is complete, we stick around to provide round-the-clock support and industry-leading response times so your IT department can work on other critical tasks.

*Microsoft: Migrating VMware to Microsoft Azure Total Cost of Ownership Guidance, Nov. 2017

Let Navisite's Azure Expert MSP architects guide you through the maze of migrating your VMware environments to Azure. Contact us to learn how we can ease your burden, or call us at (888) 298-8222 for further information.