SaaS for ISVs

Delivering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)  has been the path to success for many modern  Independent Software Vendors (ISVs); however, financing, building, staffing and securing on-premise data center infrastructures to support SaaS can prove challenging. Initial set-up alone can result in an associated, up-front capital expenditure (CapEx) that new or expanding software companies simply cannot afford.

Even after initial set-up, fluctuating demand can be difficult to accommodate. Scaling on-premise data center hardware takes time and typically CapEx and may also distract local IT staffs from more strategic objectives. Moreover, overestimating IT capacity requirements can needlessly tie-up IT dollars in underutilized equipment, while underestimating IT capacity can potentially lead to service delays or outages for SaaS users.

A Flexible Approach to IT Infrastructure

NaviCloud® Cloud Services, Navisite’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution, enables ISVs to provision scalable, usage-billed infrastructure services from virtualized resource pools. The solution is available through a self-service portal, or administered by Navisite’s experts. Both delivery models help address ISVs’ need for security, agility and performance by providing access to virtualized servers, storage, memory and bandwidth as well as optional, add-on professional and ancillary services.

Key NaviCloud® Benefits

NaviCloud Cloud Services are designed to better enable ISVs to:

  • Manage Growth and Uncertainty- Adapt faster to fluid IT requirements, such as variable SaaS demand, user activity and app development and testing.
  • Simplify IT Operations- Gain the benefits of a robust infrastructure without the risk and complexity of in-house data centers.
  • Maximize Resource Utilization- Virtualized resources help prevent paying for idle hardware and software.
  • Promote Rapid Deployments- IaaS works to eliminate long in-house development cycles, allowing ISV’s to move more quickly from staging to production.

Enhanced Virtual Resource Scalability

For many ISVs, data storage and compute demands are ever-increasing. With NaviCloud Cloud Services, organizations can scale their virtual storage and compute capacities quickly and efficiently to keep pace with demand, paying only for what they need, as they need it.

Enterprise-Class Desktop-as-a-Service

NaviCloud® DaaS, a cloud-based desktop virtualization solution, offers ISVs the benefits of a familiar Windows experience hosted from one of Navisite’s secure data centers. The solution helps ISVs leverage virtual desktops for a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than traditional, on-site VDI, while supporting…

  • Full-management- Navisite provisions and oversees everything from physical data center space through to the VDI software.
  • Scalability- Admins can enable or disable virtual desktops within minutes to meet variable demand more efficiently.
  • 24x7 Support- Navisite’s experts are always available to provide assistance.
  • Reduced CapEx- NaviCloud DaaS is a pay-as-you-go service, with no associated up-front hardware or software costs.

Augmenting Data Security and Accessibility

Many ISVs employ remote programmers who work from locations across the world.  If a remote worker becomes unresponsive, data stored on their local machine could be lost. Even worse, should a disloyal remote worker decide to sell or leak propriety information, this could lead to financial losses for their ISV employer.  NaviCloud DaaS clients have the peace-of-mind that all user data is stored remotely, in one of Navisite’s enterprise-class data centers—not on end-user devices.

Considering machines often require less computing power to connect to virtual desktops, ISV can even enable their workforce to use more affordable thin clients. Enabling thin clients can help reduce the need to purchase new computers as they age.

More than Just Technology

Navisite can provide additional value by helping your clients succeed too. We can work with you to improve aspects of selling, marketing and revenue-generation through some of the following ways…

  • Marketing and sales enablement via MDF funding
  • Navisite's enterprise-class market status and brand recognition
  • Providing access to technical forums
  • Provisioning technical support
  • Offering commissions and referrals
  • Resources in Navisite’s Partner Portal
  • Providing partner discounts
  • Enabling trial accounts

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