Secure Mobility for a Productive Workforce

Organizations facing a transition to the Cloud often begin with leveraging Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications to accomplish essential business tasks. Many modern organizations are quickly discovering that cloud delivery of daily-use applications, like those constituent of Microsoft Office, is poised to fundamentally raise the bar for workforce productivity. High availability, device-agnostic delivery of critical resources and enhanced centralized control can all benefit organizations taking office apps to the cloud. 

There are, however, challenges which IT teams must be equipped to address. Vulnerable endpoint devices, a distinct lack of insight into mobile operations, compliance standards and cumbersome provisioning processes can establish a notable amount of concern. How can organizations safeguard mobile operations without hindering productivity? How can IT teams remedy these concerns with minimal cost to the organization?

A Strong Foundation for IT Teams

Navisite’s Managed Office 365 Productivity Suite works to deliver some of the most powerful and effective office tools, via the Cloud, with committed support from dedicated expert staff. Navisite’s IT teams work to ensure rapid alert of issues with customized, real-time health check monitoring, and expedient response for resolution. 

Navisite can pair its productivity suite with Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) services, powered by AirWatch® by VMware®,  enabling centralized control of permissions at the device and application level, compliance and policies, and resource provisioning. These two services can work in concert to help simplify IT’s role in enabling a productive mobile workforce without increased CapEx, and leveraging a predictable OpEx structure with one destination for service and support.

A High Standard for Insight and Control

Easily establish application-level settings, permissions, and provision resources within the Office 365 productivity suite. Here, IT can efficiently enable end-users, workgroups, or the organization in its entirety without access to the endpoint device or complex server configurations. 

IT teams can then extend and enhance security and policy standards beyond the application suite, to the endpoint device, and user accounts with comprehensive EMM capabilities. This complements the security provisions of the Managed Office 365 Productivity Suite and helps to address concerns for device activity, data access and dissemination, storage and periphery.

IT teams an more effectively enforce compliance and policy standards with centralized management capabilities, transparent reporting, and dynamic tools for controlling mobile operations, user provisioning, and endpoint security.

Benefits of Navisite EMM

  • Centralized security controls,  device settings, and user profiles
  • Support mobile workforce and BYOD initiatives without increased burden on IT
  • Rapidly provision or decommission users without access to endpoint device
  • Easily structure and enforce policy and compliance standards
  • Powerful insight into mobile operations 
  • Scalable resources, OpEx  structure

Benefits of Managed Office 365

  • Resilient, highly available cloud delivery
  • 24/7 support from dedicated experts with commitments to rapid response time
  • Familiar Office tools on virtually any device, with centralized admin controls
  • Seamless collaboration capabilities with effective document version control 

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