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July 2, 2020

Industry News: June 29-July 3 – Cloud Infrastructure Spending, Ransomware’s Growing Threat, Microsoft’s Plan to Help Millions of Workers

Ann Carpenter

Every week we highlight cloud computing and technology news of interest. This week we’re covering cloud IT infrastructure spending, Amazon’s latest space-related venture, ransomware attacks, how the cloud aids scientific research, and Microsoft’s plan to help millions acquire digital skills.

Let’s get started…

We’re starting to see the impact the pandemic has had on IT infrastructure spending. And while spending on non-cloud projects decreased, IDC is reporting that cloud IT infrastructure spending grew 2.2% in the first quarter. Read more from Help Net Security on what this could mean for the rest of 2020 here.

That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for Amazon Web Services. AWS has just announced its newest out-of-this-world venture, a new business unit focused on the aerospace and satellite industries. Learn more about Amazon’s plans to take the cloud to new heights here.

With many companies quickly shifting operations to a remote model in recent months, it’s no surprise that cyber criminals have taken advantage. As ZDNet writes, ransomware attacks are potentially the most destructive threats out there today. And there’s a fear these attacks could evolve. Find out more about the threat here.

You’ve heard about how the pandemic is impacting the cloud, but now the cloud is impacting scientific research. Silicon Angle spoke with a scientist who explains how the cloud is accelerating scientific advancements and access to information across the globe. Hear what she had to say here.

According to Venture Beat, Microsoft is launching a new initiative to help accelerate the economy after unemployment claims hit historic highs. The tech giant’s plan is to help 25 million people acquire new digital skills to succeed in an economy shaped by COVID-19. Learn how they plan to achieve their goal by the end of the year here.

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