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July 16, 2020

Weekly Cloud Provider News – Amazon EBS APIs, Azure Shared Disks for SQL, Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud, and Google Cloud Confidential Computing

Tom Monk

Each week, we highlight the latest cloud provider news from the industry’s top providers. This week, Amazon EPS APIs take snapshots, Azure Shared Disks for SQL adds preview support, Oracle announces Dedicated Region Cloud and Autonomous Database, and Google Cloud Gets Confidential with VMs.

  • Amazon announced that customers can create snapshots of their block storage data, including on-premises data using Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) direct APIs. Customers can take advantage of this new feature to migrate data into AWS by snapping their on-premises volumes into S3-backed EBS snapshots to then create EBS volumes. Operationally customer can use this functionality to create remote backups of their key workloads in AWS, or with the use of the Fast Snapshot Restore feature use this feature for disaster recovery. With this new feature AWS has significantly simplified operating backup and recovery and DR, while at the same time creating another method to migrate data into AWS. Read more here.
  • Microsoft has created preview support for Azure Shared Disks for SQL Server failover clusters on Azure IaaS. Previously, SQL failover clusters required shared storage to allow more than one VM to access the disks, and this functionality was lacking in Azure. Now with public preview, enterprises that want to migrate these types of workloads have a solution to provide high-availability to their SQL Server Failover Clusters. Learn more here.
  • Oracle announced Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer, a fully-managed cloud region that brings all of Oracle’s second-generation cloud services into a customer’s data center. It is designed for enterprises that need to keep certain applications on-premises for data residency or latency requirements. It also announced the Exadata Gen 2 Cloud@Customer for running with autonomous database on premises. It combines a managed service offering, lower TCO and OPEX model with on-premises performance and is intended for customers that want the benefits of the cloud but are constrained to running on-premises. Find out more here.
  • Google announced Cloud Confidential Computing, which encrypts data in-use, while it is being processed. These confidential computing environments keep data encrypted in memory and elsewhere outside the CPU. This feature ensures that customer data will stay encrypted while it is being used, indexed, queried or trained on. In addition, the confidential VMs are built on top of shielded VM technology. Get the details here.

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About Tom Monk

Tom is a Solution Architect specializing in migrating enterprise workloads to public cloud. Drawing on his years of experience in a variety of consulting roles as a Systems Integrator and on a strong technical background, Tom seeks to modernize and simplify traditional monolithic enterprise workloads and deliver value to Navisite's customers by helping them find the right cloud platform. Tom is an AWS certified Professional Solution Architect and the Well-Architected Lead at Navisite. He is based in London and holds a Computer Science degree from the University of Essex.