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Managed Detection and Response

Eliminate threats before they impact your business with Navisite's comprehensive managed threat detection and response services.

Keep sensitive data and assets out of harm’s way.

Managed detection and response (MDR) continues to be the cornerstone of security services. Navisite integrates managed threat detection and mitigation controls at all layers of the stack to provide comprehensive protection for customer environments. To stay ahead of threats, our team provides 24/7 detection and response capabilities that include logging and analytical solutions. And, because being aware of a breach isn’t enough, our security engineers ensure that any threat that arises is dealt with expediently, without compromising your environments. Our MDR services are backed by the industry’s best security and technology expertise, so your workloads remain secure.

Why Partner with Navisite?

Continuous Inspection and Evaluation

Our global team of experts continually inspects and evaluates events with a focus on identification, validation and remediation.

Monitoring and Detection

We monitor and detect changes across large heterogeneous environments to provide threat detection and minimise risk.

Comprehensive Data Collection

We collect, aggregate and search log data from available assets, including cloud, server, application, security, container and network assets.

Full-Coverage Testing

We provide full coverage for the OWASP Top 10 with testing for millions of web application attacks from a regularly maintained database.

Forensic Analysis

We conduct forensic analysis with assistance to contain, eradicate and recover from threats.

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