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July 22, 2020

Weekly Cloud Provider News – Amazon CDK Pipelines, Microsoft Private Links, Google HTTP(S) Load Balancing and VMware’s New Bare-Metal Instance Type

Kevin Paiva

Each week, we highlight the latest cloud provider news from the industry’s top providers. This week, Amazon announces CDK Pipelines, Microsoft unveils replication support with Azure Site Recovery and makes its Azure SQL Managed Instance management pack available, Google load balancing goes serverless, and VMware announces a new bare-metal instance type.

  • Amazon announced that continuous delivery for AWS Cloud Development Kit applications is now easier to set up with the CDK Pipelines Preview. This construct library allows continuous pipelines to start faster by automating and predefining stages and actions, so customers can deploy into AWS quicker than ever before. Learn more here.
  • Azure Site Recovery now supports Private links, which allows for an endpoint to be placed within a network to create a secure connection to Azure. With this release, IT teams can migrate virtual and physical servers to Azure through native Azure Site Recovery Services using a viable, secure solution and protect on-premises resources. Read more here.
  • Microsoft also made its Azure SQL Managed Instance management pack generally available. This System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) management pack allows organisations with Azure SQL Managed Instance environments to manage and monitor their Azure SQL Managed Instances. IT teams faced with the challenge of creating custom monitoring solutions that can properly monitor SQL Managed Instances now have an additional feature within their existing toolkit to do that. Get the details here.
  • Google announced that organisations can now integrate HTTP(S) load balancing with serverless offerings. Integration of External HTTP(S) Load Balancing allows for serverless components like Cloud Functions, App Engine and Cloud Run services to be integrated with a full featured enterprise-grade HTTP(S) load balancer, creating a truly global serverless application. Find out more here.
  • VMware revealed a new bare-metal instance type for VMware Cloud on AWS clusters. The metal instance offers more CPU, RAM and storage. Customers can now spin up production clusters using just two nodes instead of the three required before. Read more here.

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About Kevin Paiva

Kevin is a Principal Systems Engineer for Navisite Professional Services, helping customers drive innovation and efficiency through migration and management of on-premises, hosted, cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments. He has more than 20 years of experience in IT, with deep expertise in Microsoft-based technologies, virtualization platforms and cloud computing. Before joining Navisite, Kevin held senior systems engineer roles for a variety of organizations and was a technical team manager at a global e-commerce company, overseeing the infrastructure team of systems and network engineers managing SaaS-based applications. Kevin is a VMware Certified Professional in vSphere 6.5 and holds a Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification.