Cloud Computing Companies

Cloud computing companies simplify IT management.

Cloud computing companies are changing the way enterprises manage IT services and infrastructure. By providing managed services to handle important but routine IT tasks, cloud computing companies allow organizations to offload the resource-intensive jobs of managing, maintaining and updating applications and IT infrastructure. And by offering IT infrastructure in the cloud as a service, cloud computing companies enable enterprises to avoid upfront capital expenses while scaling infrastructure easily to meet business demand.

When seeking cloud computing companies to help solve the challenges of IT management and cloud security, leading enterprises around the world choose services from Navisite.

Navisite: a leader among cloud computing companies.

As one of the world’s top cloud computing companies, Navisite provides managed hosting, managed applications and cloud services for enterprises worldwide that want to simplify management of IT resources and reduce costs. Enterprise clients depend on Navisite for tailored solutions delivered through an international footprint of state-of-the-art data centers.

As a leader among cloud computing companies, Navisite leverages the latest IT technologies to design, build, deploy and manage mission-critical systems and applications for mid-sized and enterprise clients across a variety of industries. Navisite’s team of IT specialists is highly experienced and provides 24x7x365 support for complex IT environments. With Navisite, enterprises can optimize IT infrastructure to meet current business needs and adapt rapidly to meet future business requirements.

Navisite services outperform other cloud computing companies.

Navisite has become one of the leading cloud computing companies by providing a rich portfolio of services that include:

  • Application services. Navisite provides managed hosting for major enterprise applications and communications resources, including products from Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and custom applications. Navisite application services help to simplify, streamline and secure applications across the organization, enabling IT teams to offload the challenging and time-consuming tasks of monitoring, maintaining, updating and managing these business-critical resources.
  • Cloud desktop services. Navisite’s virtual cloud desktops help solve the challenges of desktop administration, maintenance, and management for a remote and mobile workforce, and enable organizations to manage the Bring Your Own Device trend more easily with flexibility and control over resource provisioning and end-user applications.
  • Cloud infrastructure services. Navisite provides Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions that enable enterprises to take advantage of the speed and flexibility of the cloud without sacrificing functionality. Navisite provides virtualized servers, storage, memory and bandwidth on demand, allowing enterprises to scale easily and match resources to business needs more effectively and cost-efficiently.
  • Hosting services. Navisite’s managed hosting services enable organizations to outsource management of servers, databases, security, storage, networks, application and middleware servers and Web servers to Navisite’s team of experts.

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