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Cloud Marketplaces

Accelerate your time to market with Navisite’s services available through AWS, Azure and Heroku.

Build Navisite into your cloud solution.

Speed up your cloud deployments and reduce costs by purchasing Navisite’s services through leading cloud marketplaces: AWS, Azure and Heroku. Accelerate your migration from Oracle to AWS with Navisite images available in the AWS Marketplace, leverage the ultimate in database flexibility through Navisite’s database as a service (DBaaS) in Azure and AWS, and efficiently run your MySQL-powered applications in the Heroku Marketplace. No matter what you choose, you can rest assured knowing that your technologies are backed by a trusted leader with over 1,500 IT certifications and extensive experience migrating, managing and monitoring cloud environments.

Purchase Navisite's Managed Cloud Services

AWS Marketplace

Access the world’s largest online marketplace for DIY Oracle database to AWS cloud migrations.

Azure Marketplace

Purchase our DBaaS services online and begin DBaaS deployments quickly and efficiently.

Heroku Marketplace

Propel your cloud deployments forward with our high-speed database for MySQL-powered applications.

Why Use Cloud Marketplaces?

Proven Cloud Solutions

Start immediately with a proven cloud solution across major clouds.

DIY Cloud Migrations

Accelerate your time to market with do-it-yourself (DIY) migrations.

Controlled Costs

Control costs by paying only for what you use in any of Navisite's partner marketplaces.

Flexible Cloud Options

Leverage a wide range of support offerings to help migrate and manage cloud workloads.

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