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Supply Chain

Modernize with end-to-end supply chain expertise and services to build a more intelligent, agile enterprise.

Achieve the promise of a digital supply chain.

Your business can only compete and grow as fast as your supply chain systems and processes keep pace with market changes, technology and customer demand. The digital supply chain promises to give you that advantage, but the question for many is where to begin. Which part of your supply chain should you prioritize to reduce risk, manage demand variability and lower costs? What is the best strategy to build a resilient business that supports demand/supply and continually delivers value to your partners and customers?

With Navisite’s Supply Chain Services, our global team of experts take a holistic, problem-solving approach to these challenges. We collaborate with stakeholders across your enterprise—senior business leaders, functional and IT leaders—to assess your goals, barriers and requirements, and provide highly tailored solutions that deliver measurable benefits and continuous improvement. Move from a reactive to proactive supply chain that operates at peak efficiency and delivers the agility and intelligence you need to meet the demands of today’s world.

Solutions for Supply Chain

Supply Chain Assessment

Get a comprehensive assessment of your current supply chain process and insight into your future supply chain state using industry benchmarks and best practices to identify how you can eliminate pain points and transform your business. Benefit from expert guidance and resources to achieve your goals on time and on budget.

Supply Chain Analytics

Gain powerful benefits of a modernized supply chain by eliminating data silos and empowering users with real-time insights into your business, customers and partners. Develop and deploy an analytics strategy that lets your users connect, model, visualize and share data securely to drive decision-making and shorten time to value.

Supply Chain Optimization

Streamline your processes with solutions designed to eliminate overhead costs, enhance warehouse operations, optimize demand planning and ensure the flow of materials throughout your supply chain are distributed in the right quantity to the right locations.

Supply Chain Automation

Create a culture of continuous improvement that delights your customers, reduces errors and redirects valuable resources to higher-value activities. Automate and accelerate innovation leveraging modern technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA), conversational AI and internet of things (IoT).

Supply Chain Best Practices

Rapidly develop and deploy supply chain solutions based on industry best practices that enable you to drive efficiencies, reduce costs and comply with regulatory compliance. Efficiently digitize your supply chain and centralize and standardize your operations based on time-tested processes and templates.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Benefit from Navisite’s 20+ years conducting ERP transformations and certified expertise in systems including SAP, Oracle, Infor, JDE and Microsoft. Develop and deploy a cloud-based application strategy that accelerates accuracy with real-time data, enabling you to model, analyze, plan and optimize operations.

Next-Gen Technologies

Build a foundation of connectivity and trust across your enterprise. We provide guidance, including for M&A events, and implement the right mix of next-gen technologies, i.e., blockchain, AI, IoT, RPA, machine learning and more, to create a highly autonomous and integrated ecosystem driving decisions, processes, contracts and more.

Point Solutions

Get full lifecycle expertise to implement and manage the top point solutions supporting your business, including Salesforce, ServiceNow, Kronos, OpenText, Avalara, Vertex, Taxware and many more. We’ll help you extend and integrate these solutions into core processes and enterprise applications, along with optimization and support services to ensure ongoing, optimal performance.

Data & Intelligence

Establish a modern data and intelligence backbone to support how you store, access, visualize, analyze and forecast data across on-premises, hybrid and public clouds. We advise, develop, deploy and support solutions that deliver top-tier corporate performance management and reporting for strategic views into current and future outcomes.

Cloud Services

Benefit from end-to-end cloud services—from advisory through migration and ongoing optimization and management. Our cloud experts will help you determine the right hybrid or public cloud strategy for your business, using the appropriate mix of modernization services and cloud-native technologies that deliver optimal scalability, flexibility and cost benefits.

DevOps Services

Continually innovate and modernize in the cloud with our team of Cloud DevOps experts. Migrate legacy workloads to a flexible and scalable cloud architecture and reduce your total cost of ownership. Automate your deployment process to deliver changes faster and ensure ongoing optimization, security and operational excellence of your cloud infrastructure.


Our cybersecurity experts work with you to build a dynamic, adaptive security program that reduces risk and maximizes recoverability. We identify high risk areas and apply the appropriate security controls to protect your business and keep pace with evolving threats. Get advice via our Virtual CISO to build a strong security strategy with the right teams, tools and processes in place.

Achieve the Benefits of a Modern Supply Chain

Lower Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) by 3%
Reduce your logistics costs by 15%
Lower inventory by up to 35%
Reduce your lost revenue by 65%
Above industry data from McKinsey on benefits of a modern supply chain.
When we started our transformation, we laid out very explicitly what we needed to gain, what we needed to maintain and what we’d love to do along the way. Navisite then served as our guiding light, and they were there every step of the way.”
Justin Bill
Senior Enterprise Program Manager | Hallstar
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