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Robotic Process Automation

Automate and optimize business processes across your organization.

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Free teams to focus on higher value work.

Navisite’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Services empower you to automate common, repetitive tasks and streamline manual business processes throughout your organization. Whether it’s a back-office financial operation, human resource task, customer-facing activity, data entry, reporting process or some other function, our team of RPA experts will help you identify the use case and specific technical requirements and then develop and implement a custom-built RPA bot to automate that process or workflow. Accelerate the pace of business and save valuable time, so your team can focus on higher-value projects that require human interaction and intelligence.

Why Partner with Navisite?

RPA Expertise

Partner with a team of experts with deep experience with RPA technologies from the major cloud providers.

Maximum ROI

Receive strategy and guidance on the RPA technology that is most efficient and cost-effective for your unique use case.

Optimized Operations

Automate operations for faster performance, improved data quality and better business outcomes.

Improved Productivity

Free teams from mundane, tedious work, allowing them to focus on projects that drive the business forward.

Navisite’s RPA Services Include

  • Global team of experts knowledgeable in the leading RPA platforms, databases and tools, including Microsoft AI Bots, Microsoft Power Automate, AWS AppRobotic RPA, Amazon AppFlow and more
  • Internal review and analysis to determine the recommended RPA solution, technical requirements and strategy
  • RPA application development, proof of concept and execution
  • Discovery workshop to identify pain points and determine goals and desired outcomes
  • TCO analysis, including estimated cost for tools and implementation
  • Ongoing RPA management and support

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