SAP Data Intelligence

Empower business users with access to the insights they need to make faster, more informed decisions.

Plan, adapt and respond with data.

A successful data analytics strategy is table stakes today—fueling business and operations, future plans and innovation. But to get maximum value out of your data, you need the right analytics platform. Through Navisite’s acquisition of Dickinson + Associates, a Premier SAP Gold Partner, we offer an enterprise analytics platform that combines SAP’s most powerful analytics solutions—including Analytics Cloud, BusinessObjects, BW/4HANA and Embedded Analytics—to provide immediate access to accurate, contextual and real-time data that will help you confidently make business decisions. By using real-time data, you can increase enterprise visibility to eliminate data silos, build flexibility into business processes and direct scarce resources to areas where they’ll have the greatest impact. With Navisite as your partner, you’ll build an innovative and responsive business with intelligent data at its core.

Why Partner with Navisite?

Deep Expertise

Our experts possess a unique combination of analytics expertise and SAP knowledge to help you get the most out of your investment.

Multiple Deployment Options

You’ll have the flexibility to manage your analytics solution on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment.

Powerful Insights

We’ll help you maximize the value of your data by turning it into actionable insights that transform your business.

Strategic Partnerships

We’re a Premier SAP Gold Partner and have strategic partnerships with leading cloud vendors, including AWS, Google Cloud and Azure.

Navisite’s SAP Data Intelligence Services Include:

An unparalleled team of certified SAP professionals with deep analytics expertise to help you leverage data in real time for greater visibility and decision support
End-to-end data management and analytics that include business intelligence, planning, prediction and ongoing support
Advanced analytics to help reduce analysis time, increase customer satisfaction and improve efficiency
Enterprise analytics platform combining SAP’s most powerful analytics solutions, including Analytics Cloud, BusinessObjects, BW/4HANA and Embedded Analytics

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