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Oracle Database Refactoring

End the age of vendor lock-in and easily migrate your Oracle databases and applications to the cloud.

Embrace the efficiency of modern cloud platforms.

Whether you’re looking to move your Oracle databases and applications in the cloud to another system or migrate to AWS or Azure, Navisite’s refactoring services deliver a path away from Oracle while ensuring optimal performance. With the refactoring expertise of our team, you can move off Oracle, free yourself of Oracle licensing constraints and migrate your workloads to AWS or Azure—which are flexible, fast and feature a pay-as-you-go structure. With our strong partnerships with Oracle, AWS and Azure, we’ve been helping companies migrate and run Oracle databases in the cloud for almost ten years. We combine automated tools with manual support and oversight from our experts to ensure that database schemas are an exact match and your applications are properly recoded.

Why Partner with Navisite?

License-Free Cloud Platforms

Put an end to Oracle license compliance issues and remove constraints.

TCO Reduction

Reduce your total cost of ownership and license maintenance costs by adopting solutions, such as Aurora.

Controlled Costs

Control your costs with pay-as-you-go pricing and cloud elasticity.

On-Demand Scalability

Benefit from cloud-native, scale-out architecture while reducing overall complexity.

Faster Time to Market

Without lead times to build your infrastructure or environment, you can fast-track your Oracle migration.

Strategic Partnerships

Take advantage of our partnerships with leading technology vendors, including AWS, Microsoft, Oracle, and more.

Navisite's Oracle Database Refactoring Services Include

Extensive experience on Oracle databases and Oracle-to-AWS migrations
Teams with specialized refactoring knowledge
Refactoring library with accelerators that reduce project time and cost
Project management expertise and methodology
Application tuning services
Modern enterprise database features based on open-source standards
An end to Oracle license compliance issues
Aurora / MySQL and Postgres expertise
Oracle RDS / MySQL and Postgres expertise
Advice and guidance from an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

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