Empowering agricultural, medical and recreational cannabis companies with tailored, vertically integrated seed-to-sale solutions.

Move into new markets, transform your business.

Agricultural, medical and recreational cannabis companies operate in a unique business environment—one rife with market opportunity as global demand for cannabis skyrockets. But a number of issues are challenging this industry, from highly complex regulations, compliance and supply chain management to quality, safety and labor concerns. To compete and grow, cannabis companies are embracing technology and modern enterprise solutions to reduce risk, lower costs, streamline operations and stay ahead of changing regulations.

With Navisite’s Cannabis Services, you can successfully navigate these challenges and transform with business advisory and end-to-end digital transformation solutions. We collaborate with stakeholders across your organization—senior business, operational and IT leaders—to identify opportunities and provide practical guidance, technical expertise and tailored solutions to achieve your goals. Build a scalable business that keeps pace with demand and delivers greater intelligence and agility across your operations—from seed to sale.

Solutions for Cannabis

Business and Grower Dashboards

Get real-time views of your business with three analytics solutions: Consolidated Grower Dashboards for full visibility over the cultivation process, Operational Analytics to power decision-making with insight into day-to-day operations, and Business Dashboards to view business metrics with pre-defined KPIs for finance, sales, inventory, purchasing and more.

Quality Management

Deploy a fully integrated Quality Management solution to ensure quality assurance best practices and controls across activities and departments. Keep pace with changing regulations, reporting requirements and documentation for FDA and ISO compliance, so you can bring new high-quality products to market faster.

Retail Point of Sale

Transform the retail experience with a fully integrated POS system for seamless ordering and payments, with real-time sales and inventory updates. Run your dispensaries smoothly, maintain compliance with state and local regulations, track inventory and build customer loyalty.

Supply Chain

Gain powerful benefits of a digital supply chain by eliminating data silos and empowering real-time insights across your operations. Leverage automation and tracking to drive efficiencies, optimize demand planning and provide full visibility and management from cultivation through processing and delivery.

Regulatory Compliance

Seamlessly integrate with regulatory authorities and automate the data generation and reporting process to get the right information to the right agency. Navisite is a certified partner with Metrc (Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance) and has developed a repeatable process for integration with BioTrack, MJ Freeway and others.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Benefit from Navisite’s 20+ years delivering ERP transformations and certified expertise in systems including SAP, Infor and Microsoft. Develop and deploy a cloud-based application strategy that accelerates accuracy with real-time data, enabling you to model, analyze, plan and optimize your operation.

Next-Gen Technologies

Build a foundation of connectivity and trust with guidance and expertise to implement right mix of technologies, including blockchain, AI, ML, IoT, RPA and more. Create a highly autonomous, intelligent organization and ensure smooth integrations of all types of data from source to target systems to improve reporting and data quality.

Point Solutions

Get full lifecycle expertise to implement and manage your top point solutions, including RFID, eCommerce, Salesforce and many more. We’ll help you extend and integrate these solutions into core processes and enterprise applications, along with optimization and support services to ensure ongoing performance.

Data & Intelligence

Establish a modern data and intelligence backbone to support how you store, access, visualize, analyze and forecast data across on-premises, hybrid and public clouds. We advise, develop, deploy and support solutions that deliver top-tier corporate performance management and reporting for strategic views into current and future outcomes.

Cloud Services

Benefit from end-to-end cloud services—from advisory through migration and ongoing management. Our cloud experts will help you determine the right hybrid or public cloud strategy for your business, leveraging the appropriate mix of modernization services and cloud-native technologies that deliver optimal scalability, flexibility and cost benefits.

DevOps Services

Continually innovate and modernize in the cloud with our team of Cloud DevOps experts. Migrate legacy workloads to a flexible and scalable cloud architecture and reduce your total cost of ownership. Automate your deployment process to deliver changes faster and ensure ongoing optimization, security and operational excellence of your cloud infrastructure.

Cybersecurity Services

Our cybersecurity experts work with you to build a dynamic, adaptive security program that reduces risk and maximizes recoverability. We identify high risk areas and apply the appropriate security controls to protect your business and keep pace with evolving threats. Get advice via our Virtual CISO to build a strong security strategy with the right teams, tools and processes in place.
“Trulieve is well positioned for continued growth in the cannabis industry. With more than 110 locations just in Florida, this is only the beginning. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Navisite.”
Nilyum Jhala
CTO | Trulieve
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