Beyond the Big Three: Cloud Service Providers that Should Be Part of Your Multi-Cloud Strategy

The cloud infrastructure market is highly consolidated, with the top three providers holding nearly 85% of the US market. From the start, the market has been dominated by the company that introduced the model—Amazon Web Services (AWS), which holds nearly 70% of the US Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) market on its own. The heavy dominance of AWS and its two main challengers in the public cloud market, Microsoft Azure and Google, simplifies vendor choice for many enterprises, which largely regard AWS (and to a lesser extent, Azure and Google Cloud Platform) as the “safe” choice of cloud vendor.

And yet, the market continues to support IaaS providers beyond the big 3. These companies have survived by exploiting gaps in the leaders’ offers, and focusing on specific customer needs. While few are interested in challenging AWS’s lead, neither do they consider themselves niche players. Instead, they believe the rapid growth of the cloud infrastructure market (30% CAGR through 2021, according to Frost & Sullivan research) and the evolution of customer needs leaves room for multiple companies to be successful.

In this report, Stratecast looks at the evolving competitive cloud landscape, and profiles four cloud service providers whose products and business approaches are worthy of consideration as part of an enterprise’s multi-cloud environment.

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