Master the cloud conversation and secure your position as trusted advisor to your clients

Enterprises have embraced the cloud as a way to lower capital outlays and ongoing IT operational costs. In rapidly changing industries, such as financial services, healthcare and education, cloud and hosted solutions deliver the essential speed and flexibility that drive competitive advantage.

Enterprises often start with non-mission critical applications and then progress to e-mail, collaboration, business continuity and other significant IT challenges. Today, mobility needs are driving cloud usage as well—for example relying on desktop virtualization services to support BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiatives. The explosive growth of the cloud market combined with the realities of further evolution offers a unique market opportunity for both Navisite and Partners to be a true value-added guide to their clients, and enable our Partners to:

  • Leverage your Strengths: The demand for hybrid solutions—premises and virtual resources—plays to the strength of Partners who can effectively complement their extensive hardware experience with the backing of Navisite cloud services.
  • Differentiate Your Business: Cloud computing and IT outsourcing will inevitably impact traditional hardware sales. Adding Navisite cloud services to your portfolio now makes it possible to go beyond traditional product sales and achieve the differentiation that’s key to success in this new marketplace.
  • Uncover New Sources of Value: The adoption of more IT services via a cloud-based utility model opens the door to new revenue streams such as application development, smart computing integration and financial consulting.

Navisite makes partnering easy. You decide which program works right for your business. Navisite offers the following programs: Referral, Master/Sub agent, VAR and SaaS partner programs.