Case Studies

  • Case Study - MediaZilla

    Case Study - MediaZilla

    Learn how MediaZilla built a CI/CD pipeline with the help of Privo, a Navisite company

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  • Case Study - Promosis

    Case Study - Promosis

    Learn how Promosis saves 30% on AWS by partnering with Privo, a Navisite company.

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  • Case Study - Synclaire Brands

    Case Study - Synclaire Brands

    Learn how Synclaire Brands turned to Navisite’s data analytics experts to automate two core business processes—customer invoicing and image catalog management.

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  • How will you handle the next event that requires you to turn on a dime?

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  • Case Study – AAA WCNY

    Case Study – AAA WCNY

    Learn how AAA WCNY enabled hundreds of employees to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic with the help of Navisite.

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  • Case Study – Oracle-to-AWS Migration for Major Music Company

    Case Study – Oracle-to-AWS Migration for Major Music Company

    Learn how Navisite managed an Oracle/Solaris-to-AWS Cloud migration for a major music company: Warner Music Group (WMG)

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  • Case Study - Xtime

    Case Study - Xtime

    Learn how Xtime partnered with Navisite for an Oracle-to-AWS migration—resolving months of costly pre-migration testing delays within days.

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  • Case Study – Penske Australia & New Zealand

    Case Study – Penske Australia & New Zealand

    Learn how Penske Australia & New Zealand partnered with Navisite to move Oracle onto AWS—and is now saving upwards of $80,000 annually.

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  • Case Study - Aqua Finance

    Case Study - Aqua Finance

    Read about how Aqua Finance transitioned its business and critical applications to the cloud in order to scale resources up or down on demand and relieve the pressure on IT.

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  • Case Study - Ed Broking

    Case Study - Ed Broking

    Learn how London-based insurance and reinsurance broker Ed Broking tackled industry challenges and improved efficiencies by migrating to the cloud.

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  • Case Study - Aerial Applications

    Case Study - Aerial Applications

    Aerial Applications, a drone mapping software, required massive amounts of storage for their video files. Read how they soared to new heights with Azure.

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  • Video: Aerial Applications Case Study2:20

    Video: Aerial Applications Case Study

    Droned-based GIS mapping and photogrammetry modeling software startup Aerial Applications ascends to greater success with Navisite’s Azure Management Services.

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  • Video: Ceridian Case Study2:04

    Video: Ceridian Case Study

    Learn how Ceridian leveraged Navisite’s expertise to bring human capital management to the cloud and how their continued partnership helps Ceridian distinguish itself as a model of innovation.

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