Solution Briefs

  • Oracle to AWS TCO Analysis

    Oracle to AWS TCO Analysis

    Assess the readiness and total cost ownership (TCO) of moving your Oracle systems to the AWS cloud with Navisite.

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  • Watch Webinar: The Financial and Technical Benefits of Moving Oracle Databases to the Cloud

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  • Cloud Services for Healthcare Providers

    Cloud Services for Healthcare Providers

    Boost agility, optimize your infrastructure and drive innovation with NaviCloud services for healthcare organizations.

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  • Managed Hosting Services

    Managed Hosting Services

    Navisite’s Managed Hosting Services provide a secure, cost-effective and reliable hosting infrastructure with a partner you can trust.

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  • Infrastructure Managed Services

    Infrastructure Managed Services

    Enable your organization to be an industry leader by creating a robust, flexible and secure infrastructure with Navisite’s Infrastructure Managed Services.

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  • Disaster Recovery to Navisite Cloud

    Disaster Recovery to Navisite Cloud

    Navisite combines Zerto’s easy replication solutions with a Navisite VMware cloud to give you a remote failover site at a moment’s notice should disaster strike.

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  • Disaster Recovery Approach

    Disaster Recovery Approach

    Build the right disaster recovery strategy for your business with our end-to-end delivery approach. Navisite’s Disaster Recovery Approach ensures full recoverability should things go wrong.

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  • Desktop as a Service

    Desktop as a Service

    Take your virtual desktop experience to new heights with Navisite’s Desktop as a Service (DaaS), powered by VMware’s newest desktop virtualization technology.

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  • Cloud Planning and Assessment

    Cloud Planning and Assessment

    Use Navisite’s Cloud Assessment to plan your migration and harness the benefits of an optimized cloud environment faster than before.

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  • Cloud Migration

    Cloud Migration

    Design, deploy and manage the right cloud strategy with Navisite’s cloud migration services. We’ll help you unleash your organization's potential and move to the cloud with confidence.

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  • Azure Optimization Assessment

    Azure Optimization Assessment

    Find areas of efficiency and improvement for your Azure deployment with Navisite’s Azure Optimization Assessment. Use Azure cloud optimally to avoid overspending on resources you don’t need.

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  • Colocation Services

    Colocation Services

    Quickly expand capacity or supplement your hybrid cloud configurations with Navisite’s Colocation services. 24x7x365 expert monitoring backed by a 99.999% uptime SLA guarantee.

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