Data Warehousing

Power your data analytics with data warehousing services that efficiently collect, organize and store your data.

Ensure the quality, performance and speed of your data.

Navisite’s Data Warehousing Services enable you to easily leverage data and analytics for your business, so you can quickly extract insights from your data and make timely decisions. Our data warehouses serve as a central repository for your information and data, and store data efficiently to minimize I/O and deliver results faster—even as the number of concurrent users grows.

Why Partner with Navisite?

Better Data Quality

Enhance data quality and resiliency to deliver the results you need.

Time Saved

Drive efficiencies and save valuable time from reduced manual analysis.

Speed Decision-Making

Improve the decision-making process and forecast with confidence.

Improved ROI

Generate higher ROI for your data analytics and gain a competitive advantage.

Navisite's Data Warehousing Services Include

Performance of data maintenance tasks, including loading/unloading data
Data warehouse design that effectively uses compression, data distribution and sort methods
Data integration from heterogeneous sources, such as relational databases and flat files
Use of BI applications to perform data analysis and visualization against your data
A multi-dimensional view of generalized and consolidated data
Data mining functions, such as association, clustering, classification and prediction

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