Design and Strategy

Create a better plan for managing, optimizing, securing and scaling your data with fully managed cloud services.

Accelerate innovation, simplify IT and achieve better outcomes.

From initial system design to long-term planning, Navisite provides a roadmap to fast, scalable, fully managed cloud services that align with your business needs. We help you create a plan to manage, optimize and scale your critical data systems without compromising security, standards or control. Develop a strategy that best utilizes the cloud to drive innovation, simplify your IT systems and achieve better technical and business outcomes.

Why Partner with Navisite?

Optimized Efficiencies

Increase operational efficiency with a roadmap and guidance throughout the entire environment planning process.

Expertise at Your Service

Access the expertise you need to enhance existing architectures, as well as design and implement custom-tailored solutions.

Valuable Insights

Realize the true value of your operational data by turning it into strategic, decision-making information.

Flexible Contracts

Adapt to changing business demands by using Navisite’s flexible contracts to easily scale scope.

Navisite's Design and Strategy Services Include

Business requirements analysis to develop a plan that improves performance, security and governance
Security needs identification with consideration of all sensitive data as well as each application
Ability to maintain access control in your cloud environment
Defining of policies, procedures and responsibilities regarding your infrastructure
Creation of an ROI dashboard with key insights for full visibility into cloud costs

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