HIPAA-Compliant Hosting

Ensure your organization maintains compliance with HIPAA regulations through Navisite’s expert guidance and hosting services.

Take the headache out of HIPAA compliance.

Meeting and maintaining compliance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements is a challenging proposition for many healthcare organizations, especially if you lack the resources or HIPAA expertise to tackle compliance internally. That’s why more healthcare companies are partnering with Navisite to identify and apply the necessary services to ensure HIPAA compliance. Our experts deliver the IT best practices and strategic guidance you need though our HIPAA-Compliant Hosting Services, so your team is able to focus on other organizational priorities and goals.

Why Partner with Navisite?

Industry-Leading Expertise

Our certifications and partnerships with leading cloud providers gives us the knowledge and experience necessary to manage even the most complex environments.

Proven Set of Best Practices

We help your organization implement IT best practices that ensure optimal HIPAA compliance, while offering additional levels of security and compliance tools beyond those built into a given cloud platform.

Daily Management & Maintenance

We can handle the daily management functions of your cloud environment, so your team can focus on more strategic objectives, from the patient care experience to operational efficiencies.

Ongoing Strategy & Guidance

We can suggest, provide and manage various security solutions to address and bridge existing gaps in the customer compliance framework so that you can easily meet HIPAA requirements.

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