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June 10, 2020

Weekly Cloud Provider News – Amazon Aurora RPO, Windows Virtual Desktop Media Optimization, Google Cloud Cross-Region Replication and More

Kevin Paiva

Each week, we highlight the latest cloud provider news from the industry’s top providers. This week, Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL adds support for the recovery point objective (RPO), Windows Virtual Desktop adds media optimization for Microsoft Teams, Azure Dedicated Hosts support more virtual machines, and Google brings cross-region replication to its Cloud SQL.

  • Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL compatibility has added support for managing the recovery point objective (RPO) in an Aurora PostgreSQL Global Database configuration. Customers can set a managed RPO value, which AWS will monitor and then send an alert if the secondary cluster falls behind the primary one. If that happens, transactions will pause on the Primary until at least one secondary is in sync. By adding RPO, Amazon Aurora Global Database continues to advance its position as a viable alternative to large enterprise databases, helping to reduce cost and complexity while delivering exceptional performance, scale and availability. Read more here.
  • Media optimization for Microsoft Teams is now available for Windows client for Windows Virtual Desktop. This feature requires customers to have Windows Desktop client version 1.2.1026.0 or greater. With media optimization, the Windows Desktop client can handle audio and video locally, both for calls and media. Teams chat and collaboration features are supported too. Learn more here.
  • Azure Dedicated Hosts now support additional Azure Virtual Machines, providing a dedicated, single-tenant physical server. This enables larger virtual machines to be deployed and allows customers to utilize larger workloads. This feature is important for workloads that might involve compliance restrictions. Also, enterprises looking to migrate to Azure will have peace of mind knowing that their larger workloads reside within a dedicated infrastructure on Azure. Get more details here.
  • To ensure business continuity, organizations need to plan for many different scenarios, including one where a Google Cloud region might fail. In the event of a regional outage, applications and database need to quickly start serving customers from another available region. To support this, Google has launched Cloud SQL cross-region replication, available for MySQL and PostgreSQL database engines. This can be used to create a fully managed disaster recovery solution where the database is replicated to up to five other regions. It can also be used to distribute data to closer to customers to make a global website more responsive to users. Read more here.

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About Kevin Paiva

Kevin is a Principal Systems Engineer for Navisite Professional Services, helping customers drive innovation and efficiency through migration and management of on-premises, hosted, cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments. He has more than 20 years of experience in IT, with deep expertise in Microsoft-based technologies, virtualization platforms and cloud computing. Before joining Navisite, Kevin held senior systems engineer roles for a variety of organizations and was a technical team manager at a global e-commerce company, overseeing the infrastructure team of systems and network engineers managing SaaS-based applications. Kevin is a VMware Certified Professional in vSphere 6.5 and holds a Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification.