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May 28, 2020

Weekly Cloud Provider News – Amazon RDS SSIS, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Blob Versioning, and OneFS for Google Cloud

Peter Berry

Each week, we highlight the latest cloud provider news from the industry’s top providers. This week, Amazon RDS adds SSIS support, Azure Blob Storage Object Replication offers a public preview, Azure Blob Versioning Public Preview enhances data management, and Cloud OneFS for Google Cloud migrates high-scale enterprise workloads.

  • Amazon RDS for SQL Server now supports SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) directly on an RDS DB instance. There is no additional cost to install SSIS directly on an Amazon RDS DB instance. This allows customers to reduce expenses by running SSIS directly on the same RDS DB instance as an SQL Server database. Learn more here.
  • Azure Blob Storage object replication public preview is now available. Object replication allows you to replicate your block blob data at the blob level from one storage account to another, anywhere in Azure. This is useful when replicating data across different storage accounts. In some cases, it might call for a copy of live data to be stored in a location where it can be easily manipulated. Read more here.
  • Azure Blob Versioning public preview is now available. This preview can enhance data management and protection, and saves time and effort needed to pull data from backups. It also adds capabilities that file servers traditionally had, bringing more convenience into solutions where the file storage solution is fully PaaS-based. Get more details here.
  • Dell’s Cloud OneFS for Google Cloud is now generally available. This collaboration between Google Cloud and Dell Technologies helps organizations migrate high-scale and business-critical, enterprise file-based workloads to Google Cloud. It is powered by the Isilon OneFS file system from Dell, a highly versatile scale-out storage solution which speeds up access to large amounts of data while reducing complexity and cost. Learn more here.

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About Peter Berry

Peter is the Director of AWS Solutions at Navisite. Peter’s expertise spans infrastructure and cloud technologies with over 20 years of project and management experience across industries and in the public sector. As a Co-Founder and CTO of clckwrk, Peter built his first proof of concept on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2010 before deploying one of the first production Oracle Workloads in 2013. In the following years, he has led the design of solutions for running a range of Oracle application and technology products, leveraging AWS tools to provide highly available, high-performance solutions.