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Security and Compliance

Eliminate threats before they cause disruption and reduce risk with services customized to your business.

Build a strong security posture, while reducing cost and complexity.

In today’s evolving threat landscape, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Navisite’s experts work closely with your IT team to create a security plan based on your technical and budgetary requirements, along with best practices and strategic guidance to ensure your organization maintains compliance. We deliver the security services you need, using controls that leverage AI and machine learning to catch threats before they cause a disruption. When a threat is uncovered, our team quickly goes into action to neutralize it—so your staff doesn’t have to sift through all the data and figure out how to respond. With the expertise and support of our team, you’ll boost your security posture while reducing cost and complexitymaintaining the highest standards of control and compliance for your organization.

Overview of Security and Compliance

Managed Detection and Response

Stay secure with advanced threat detection and remediation.


Ensure your organization is always compliance-ready with Navisite's robust, agile compliance solutions.


Gain the guidance you need to remain PCI compliant with Navisite's fully managed PCI solutions.


Rest assured knowing your environment is HIPAA compliant with our hosting services.


Leverage our advanced knowledge of GDPR to remain compliant.

Why Partner with Navisite?

Baseline Security Controls

We have 20+ years of implementing robust security measures in managed environments for on-premises or managed cloud environments.

Managed Detection and Remediation

Our MDR services provide expedient, robust remediation of exploits identified by our advanced threat detection capabilities, so your IT team doesn’t have to.

Identity-Driven Security

Our managed security services provide refined, powerful layers of security to ensure that only those who need access to specific areas of your environment get it.

Audit-Ready Compliance

Our team has in-depth regulatory and industry-specific expertise to ensure that security controls are mapped to key compliance attestations with unified visibility.

24x7 Monitoring

We are monitoring your environments around the clock so you can rest easy knowing your systems are in good hands.

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